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Download for free Envato Sales Mail Alert

 Envato Sales Mail Alert nulled cracked script

Download for free Envato Sales Mail Alert PHP Script. We uploaded latest version on 2019-09-12. Envato Sales Mail Alert is compatible with IE11, Chromium, Firefox Dev, and other browsers. Files that are included in this download: JavaScript JS, CSS, SQL . Istead of paying for $7 to original author SEO_tools and also giving 50% of that to Codecanyon, we are giving you PHP Script for free. Just follow instruction down on this page to download Envato Sales Mail Alert for free.

Envato Sales Mail Alert Download for free

Envato Sales Mail Alert

Receive an alert in your mailbox when a user buy your product !

Receive an email with the number of sales, and the item title for each sale

Works with Codecanyon,ThemeForest,VideoHive,…

Need more details ? write in the comment tab

*Requirement : PHP with mail(), Cron job, Envato API (with Envato account). No Database required



almost 3 years ago

Nice idea. GLWS!

SEO_tools Author

almost 3 years ago

Thank you !


almost 3 years ago

I love it. I have 1 question before make a purchase.

Cron job (if needed)?? Can you explain more details, please!

And if I don’t use cron job so how this script know about a new sales update?

Kind regards,
Magazine Studio

SEO_tools Author

almost 3 years ago

Hi, For the cron job, here more details : In one line, a cron job is used to run periodically at fixed times script. You can define run the script each 1, each 2 hours, each 2 hours and 25 minutes, ... If you don’t use a cron job, you can call the script in php with exec(), but we don’t recommend you at all. Or you can include the script in your homepage for example (or in your demo webpage). Each time you will have visitors in your website, the script will be executed, and test if you have a new sale. But the better way is to use a cron job. Sometimes,in shared or free hosting, you can’t launch cron job. Nevermind, there are many free website that after register, you can do it (tell us if you need more details or website examples)


almost 3 years ago

Very useful script, good work!

SEO_tools Author

almost 3 years ago

Thank you


8 months ago

good work. very nice

SEO_tools Author

8 months ago

thank you

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