srozsa Purchased

about 1 year ago

Hey Guys, I have purchased this Item and it is pretty impressive. My problem is that I don’t need ALL the functionalities they are provided. Since I am not a hard-core developer, I am getting stucked to define what files and components EXACTLY I will need if I just wopuld like to use the “Vimeo” part of the project. In the index.html you are loading a zillion of files and libraries which makes the project pretty huge. Any simple advice how to do it right? Or even a helping hand by compiling the project only with the files are needed for the vimeo connection? I wrote you BTW a mail via your contect form, but till now no answer from you. Would be great if you could help me…

satsalou Author Team

about 1 year ago

Hi, it is better for us to handle all the requests we receive when you send them to our support centre( or when you post a comment in the comments section as you did now. Regarding your question, the architecture of this app is modular. Thus, every feature/module files/code is located in the related folder. In order to understand the architecture and how to add/remove a feature/module of this app, it is strongly recommended that you read the “Create a new module” section in the Start Guide which is included in the pack you downloaded.


7 months ago

Is this Ionic 1?

satsalou Author Team

6 months ago


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